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  • WOSS pull-up straps are a great way to exercise at the office.
  • Foot straps make these exercise straps from WOSS trainer versatile.
  • 3-Way Suspension System WOSS trainers are exercise straps that are easy to use.
  • Pull-up straps from WOSS trainer make workouts at the office easy.
  • Workout straps make this a versatile suspension fitness system.
  • The variety of anchor options makes this WOSS trainer a versatile set of workout straps.
  • WOSS trainers at workout straps for office training.
  • Suspension fitness systems like the WOSS trainer make working out at home easy.
  • Get a variety of exercise strap workouts with this WOSS trainer.
  • Exercise bands make suspension fitness equipment easy to use.
  • The included door anchor with the WOSS trainer makes working with pull up straps easy.
  • The 3-Way Suspension System from WOSS trainers comes in five colors.
  • Military-grade webbing makes the 3-Way Suspension Fitness System sturdy.
  • Green exercise straps from WOSS trainers.
  • The WOSS 3-Way Suspension System is highly versatile.

3-Way Suspension System, Made in USA


Product Description

Every WOSS trainer is highly transportable, but the 3-Way takes the simplicity and ease-of-use to a new level.

  • Highly-portable body weight suspension straps.

  • Vary your height and exercise routine with three cam buckles.

  • Use the door anchor to install the workout straps with handles in seconds.

  • For beginner and experts alike.

  • Full Body Quick Start Exercises sheet gets you moving quickly.

Ready to target your muscles with professional body weight suspension straps? The 3-Way Suspension Fitness System is a great way to get your exercise no matter where you are. Because of the simple design, this WOSS trainer is easily transportable and can be set up just about anywhere...all you need is a door! Simply open the door, drop the anchor over the top, close the door, and start exercising. Three cam buckles make these workout straps with handles easily adjustable to any height and length you need.

If you don’t know how to properly use body weight suspension straps, we’ve got you covered. Included in the package is the Full Body Quick Start Exercises sheet with 18 of the most effective exercises to use to help you get the toned body you want.

Get the most out of your exercise no matter what room you’re in. Grab a WOSS trainer today!


  • Resistance straps are made in the USA from military-grade webbing

  • Cam buckle on door anchor

  • Rubber grip handles

  • Padded door anchor

  • Drawstring storage bag

  • Full Body Quick Start Exercises sheet

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