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  • The Elite is a WOSS trainer comes with multiple attachment options.
  • The Elite suspension fitness system from WOSS can attach to many different horizontal surfaces.
  • WOSS Elite pull-up straps form a suspension fitness system for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Elite exercise straps from WOSS can also be used with the feet.
  • Indoors or out, the Elite WOSS exercise straps can be used just about anywhere.
  • Use the Elite WOSS suspension fitness equipment inside and outside.
  • Pull-up straps are a great way to use your own body weight as resistance.
  • The Elite suspension fitness equipment comes with a door anchor for easy setup.
  • The Elite trainer from WOSS can be used in dozens of ways.
  • Get a huge variety of exercises with the WOSS workout straps.
  • The Elite WOSS trainer is an excellent option for office workouts.
  • Exercise just about anywhere with WOSS Elite suspension fitness equipment.
  • You become the resistance when you use the Elite WOSS trainer suspension fitness system.
  • WOSS trainers like the Elite can be used just about anywhere you can find to attach it.
  • Suspension fitness is a great way to train every day, wherever you are. Use the WOSS Elite.
  • This WOSS Elite trainer is a piece of suspension fitness equipment that you can take just about anywhere.
  • The WOSS suspension fitness equipment comes in olive drab military grade webbing.
  • The Elite exercise straps come in brown and three other colors.
  • Get the Elite suspension fitness equipment in gray military grade straps.



Product Description

Our Elite suspension fitness system is perfect for the more experienced exercise fanatic who wants the most out of their exercise time.

  • Your own weight becomes your resistance, making you lift your own weight in a variety of exercises.

  • Top-adjusting and highly-portable lightweight suspension fitness system.

  • The system's center strap comes with two cam buckles at the top of the trainer to easily adjust the height of the trainer.

  • No cam buckles rubbing over your arm while doing push-ups.

You’ve only got a set amount of time to exercise during the day. Get the most out of it with one of the best suspension fitness systems on the market, the Elite WOSS trainer.

These hanging exercise straps are incredibly portable and can be attached to just about any horizontal or vertical structure. Some people take their resistance training bands to the gym (in the included drawstring bag) and set them up on the heavy exercise equipment. Others use hanging exercise straps outdoors by attaching them to trees, branches, or playground equipment. If you’d rather work at home, the included padded door anchor ensures you’ll always have a place to use the resistance training bands. 

Body suspension equipment workouts are simple to learn, and all you’ll need is the included Full Body Quick Start Exercises sheet. Make the most of your exercise time with some amazing workout straps. If you’re devoted to getting the most out of your exercise regimen, grab some Elite exercise fitness equipment!


  • Manufactured and designed in the USA

  • 1-inch wide exercise straps made from US military webbing

  • 8-foot split anywhere anchor cam buckle strap

  • 2 ½-foot double loop strap

  • 2 ½-foot padded door anchor

  • Drawstring bag

  • Full Body Quick Start Exercises sheet


Product Reviews

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  1. Great Quality Great Price

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Dec 2016

    I was mulling between this and a TRX for when I travel for work, so glad I went with this product. Quick and easy to set up, solid build, no more excuses for not getting in a quick workout on the go while saving money.

  2. Just as good at a better price

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Nov 2016

    Product as described. Does everything you need it to, at the right price.

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