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FlexEx Triple-Pack


Product Description

  • Triple Value Pack!
  • Effectively exercises and strengthens the fingers, hands and forearms
  • Exercises all fingers at one time, or individual fingers, e.g. for flexion adduction, abduction and blocking exercises
  • Ergonomic, sleek, non-cumbersome, with no bulky contraption. Latex free. So lightweight, use it any place/any time
  • Helps prevent/heal injury from repetitive keyboard usage, maximizes performance and improves your sport
  • Innovative design keeps product from sliding down your finger, unlike other products on the market



This Triple Value Pack contains 3 packs of three Flex-Ex finger strengthener parts - each containing 1 blue, 1 red and 1 yellow part (9 parts total). Flex-Ex is a simple, easy to use finger, hand and forearm exerciser for Computer Users, Sportsmen, Musicians, Tennis/Golfers, Climbers, Exercise Enthusiasts and any one who wishes to strengthen their hands, forearms and fingers, improve your sport or rehabilitate weakened hands and fingers, Use Flex-Ex grip strengtheners to achieve increased hand, forearm and finger strength in an easy, simple, non-cumbersome way. Flex-Ex is the most lightweight hand, forearm and finger exerciser on the market today. So simple and non-cumbersome, the Flex-Ex finger strengthener can be used any place and any time. Just throw it in your pocket or purse and use at your convenience. Flex-Ex comes in 3 different resistances, all provided to you at the time of purchase. The Blue Flex-Ex grip strengtheners offer heavy resistance and is suited for advanced users who wish to further strengthen their hands, forearms and fingers - for even more resistance, double them up! The Red Flex-Ex offers medium resistance and is suited for most individuals wishing to strengthen their hands, forearms and fingers e.g. computer users, and those who play a musical instrument. The Yellow Flex-Ex offers light resistance and is used for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and by those with weakened hands possibly due to carpal tunnel syndrome or post surgery, etc. Strengthen your hands and improve your sport the simple, easy way with Flex-Ex, for Strong, Healthy, Pain-Free Living! Proudly Manufactured and Packaged in the USA!

Product Reviews

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  1. Straightens extensors and also smaller finger muscles in a great and easy way!

    Posted by Svetoslav Costoff on 31st Oct 2016

    I am a proffesional guitarist from Berlin.
    I suffered on Carpal Tunnel Syndrom for three years. After I found FlexEx, in combonation also with other things, I healed my illnes in about two months. Not only this,
    but by excercising my fingers with FlexEx my guitar technique is even bether, as it was before. I am using FlexEx already one and a half year and introduced also to a lot of colleagues and pupils. This thing is great.

  2. phenomenal product for wrist-forarm exercise.

    Posted by Hammesh Patel on 18th Jun 2016

    one of the best product for wrist-forarm exercise

  3. Great idea, great product.

    Posted by Luke on 15th Aug 2015

    I recommend this product. It will add flexibility and control over your fingering. Thanks Woss for sharing the FlexEx. Definitely a great idea for multiple needs.

  4. good product

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Aug 2015

    Works well.

  5. PT recommended

    Posted by Mike on 13th Apr 2015

    Have nerve issues in my hands and needed to exercise
    them.Three levels of resistance and fit firmly around tips of fingers no slip. Has helped

  6. Great deal really helps with guitar

    Posted by Josh on 16th Feb 2015

    I work out and play guitar and these flex ex's really saved me. I do yoga and fair amount of push ups, pull ups etc. Several times a week (some p90x). I also play guitar a few hours a day. I used to get a lot of hand and wrist pain but the pain is definitely reduced and I feel like I have more power in my fingers and hands when it comes to guitar and working out since I've been using these. I have just progressed to lightly using the reds so I expect more benefits to come as I continue to progress.

    The 3 pack is a great deal and shipping was fast. I always have one on me and can leave a couple around the house. Even gave one pair to a fellow musician. I cannot compare these to other similar products but I like this product and so do my friends who try them out.

  7. Simple but helpful

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2015

    I apparently suffered from nerve damage in my wrist which resulted in weakness in my right hand and some muscle atrophy. I used this and a thumb exercise device and have made good gains in restoring my hand. there is a big resistance difference between the bands. The yellow is fairly light so you can start even with considerable weakness

  8. Flex Ex

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Dec 2014

    I have been trying to find better ways to work my fingers out, and this product helps me do that. Thanks Woss for a great product.

  9. Great for finger extensors

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Aug 2014

    I climb, and I'm using the flexex to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

  10. Convenient and Easy to Use

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Oct 2013

    The FlexEx product is great to use. My hand and finger joints feel much improved. I can use them anytime and anywhere. The FlexEx is easy and quick to put on and off ...... much, much easier to use than the other more expensive products available. So, I can exercise more often and that's what counts!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 14 | Next

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