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Full Body Quick Start Exercise Videos

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Following you will find a series of basic exercises intended to give you a jump sart with your new trainer. For more exercises simply search the internet for "suspension exercises". You can even be more specific and search e.g. "suspension core exercises", or "suspension leg exercises", etc.

Workout: Select several exercises from each target group (UPPER, LOWER and CORE.)  Beginners perform each exercise for 30 seconds with a 45 second break between exercises. As you progress make the exercises more challenging and/or increase the time you perform the exercise, while reducing your resting period. Rotate through them on a regular basis.

Warm-Up: Time spent warming up and cooling down will improve the level of performance and improve the recovery process needed before and after using the trainer. The warm-up can consist of five minutes of jogging in place, jumping jacks, stationary bike or anything that will elevate your heart rate.

Cool-Down: The cool-down may consist of slow walking or anything that will gradually bring the heart rate down. Stretching should always be done after warm-up and cool-down.


1-pushup.jpg 2-latpull.jpg 3-tricepextension.jpg
4-bicepcurl.jpg 5-reversefly.jpg 6-squat.jpg
7-calfraise.jpg 8-pistolsquat.jpg 9-lunge.jpg
10-hamstringcurl.jpg 11-twistlunge.jpg 12-supinecrunch.jpg
13-overheadbackextension.jpg 14-mountainclimber.jpg 15-hipraise.jpg
16-suspendedcrunch.jpg 17-pike.jpg 18-pullthrough.jpg




















































Before use always inspect your suspension system for worn or damaged parts, use a strong, secure anchor point that can hold three times your body weight, and make sure the exercise surface is flat and not slippery.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in injury. The user assumes the risk of injury and all liability resulting from the misuse of the WOSS trainer.

View, print or download a pdf file with the above exercises for later use by clicking here.