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  • The Tornado suspension fitness equipment with an integrated pulley system.
  • The Tornado from WOSS trainers offers a pulley system with the exercise straps.

Tornado Pulley Trainer


Product Description

The WOSS Tornado Pulley Trainer is an excellent choice when you’re serious about getting in shape.

  • The free movement of the pulley exercises your core even more than our standard strap Trainers

  •  The instability will also ensue you use both sides of your body evenly

  • You can perform full-stretch rotational exercises with our pulley exercise system 

  • Thanks to the ingenious (and simple) Prusik knot, length adjustments are as simple as sliding the knot up and down the rope. Once one loads the knot (perform an exercise) the knot locks onto the Rope without slipping. 
  • If you are serious about getting in shape, this pulley exercise system will give you serious results - you use it and we guarantee it! Perfect for the active that wants more from a Trainer

  • Although the Pulley does not lock you can still perform single arm/leg exercises. Here is a video showing you how to turn any trainer into Single Handle Mode:

  • For people up to 300lbs


The Tornado Trainer system is one of our most challenging WOSS trainers. The inclusion of a pulley allows for constant exercise of your core. Due to the instability of the pulley exercise system both sides of your body are exercised equally.

You can take these body weight training straps anywhere, because the military anchor strap with built-in door anchor is perfect for attaching to a door or take it outside to tree branches, structures at the park (swing sets, monkey bars, etc.) or take it to your gym and attach it to one of their bars.

This body weight training straps come with our "FULL BODY QUICK START EXERCISES" sheet demonstrating 18 exercises to get you started right away. To see the videos here is a link to our Exercises - simply click on one of the pictures:

No shiny boxes here. No DVDs to collect dust. Just what you need - First Class Equipment; Body weight training straps are made in the USA.


  • 12 ft. of 1/2" Made in the USA rope

  • Black Ball Bearring Pulley with an aluminum wheel

  • Dense/Durable Foam Grips with built-in 1 1/2" wide Foot Loops

  • 3 ft. long Anchor Strap with built-in Door Anchor

  • Two Carabiners for very fast and easy set-up and take-down

  • Nylon drawstring bag

  • Full Body Exercise Sheet

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  1. Amazing and affordable product

    Posted by Amit Mendelsohn on 13th Dec 2016

    I am using it for years and this is my 3rd purchase for friends of mine

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