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  • WOSS Military Trainer 1in Strap Suspension Fitness Equipment are excellent exercise straps.
  • The WOSS Military Trainer exercise straps can attached almost anywhere.
  • Indoors or out, the WOSS Military Trainer 1in Strap pull-up straps can attached to many different structures.
  • The Military Trainer is a suspension fitness system that can attach nearly anywhere.
  • This WOSS trainer can attached to almost any structure.
  • WOSS Military Trainer 1in Strap suspension fitness equipment is excellent for outdoor training.
  • WOSS suspension fitness trainers are an excellent option for rugged exercise strap training anywhere.

WOSS Military Trainer 1in Strap Suspension Fitness Equipment


Product Description

 The WOSS 1in Military Trainer can deliver results without breaking the bank on expensive fitness equipment


  • Your own body becomes the resistance. Get stronger!

  • Attach it to just about any horizontal or vertical structure, including doors, trees, and other exercise equipment.

  • This WOSS Military Strap Trainer sets up in less than a minute, getting you to your exercises as quickly as possible.

  • It doesn’t matter how tall you are. The included cam buckles on work out suspension straps adjust for a person of any height.


Our WOSS Military Strap Trainer is easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to get results from. Because you are the resistance, you’ll always have the weight with you when you take this WOSS trainer from location to location. Set it up just about anywhere with the included door anchor: over a doorframe, at the gym, or in a tree. Travel with it and you’ll always have your exercise equipment at hand.

Exercises are easy to learn, especially with the included Full Body Quick Start Exercises sheet. You can learn even more exercises for all of our suspension fitness systems with the videos you’ll find right here.


These work out suspension straps might seem simple, but they’re tough and made in the USA. The included handles are comfortable so that you’ll never get tired of working out. Try our WOSS Military Strap Trainer and feel the difference!


  • Made In The USA

  • 1 ½” foot strap, two 1 ⅜” foam handles

  • Two adjustable cam buckles

  • Built-in door anchor

  • Full Body Quick Start Exercises sheet

  • Drawstring bag

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  1. Outstanding!

    Posted by Mike Meyer on 29th Aug 2016

    This is the 3rd set I bought. It takes the place of almost everything in my gym. Easy to use, made well, and gives a great workout!!!

  2. Huge Savings

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Feb 2016

    I have been using the more expensive TRX system in the gym for years never buying my own because of the price. Then I heard about WOSS from a friend and as soon as I visited the site I bought a set. Used it on my first work trip last week and it is perfect.

  3. Great product

    Posted by Ed Thornton on 22nd Mar 2015

    It's a good product,...well made and very useful in my personal training business. My clients love it.

  4. Awesome product, great value, quick delivery!

    Posted by Jennifer on 18th Aug 2014

    This is a high quality product and for such a great price! The delivery was very quick too. I called to ask a question about which one I needed, and customer service was very helpful. I get a full and hard workout with this trainer. With the single leg squats, my legs are sore for days - love it! I really like how the trainer enables me to do movements that I normally couldn't do without assistance (for example single leg squats, pull up type movements, etc.). And it packs up so neatly and small, I can take my $25 lifetime membership gym with me anywhere I go! I would highly recommend this to anyone!

  5. Great value and customer service

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jul 2014

    This WOSS military suspension trainer is a terrific value. I am new to suspension training and use TRX at my gym, but wanted a cost-effective option for home. The hardware and webbing is not as heavy-duty as the TRX, but is entirely adequate and sturdy. Additionally, I wasn't sure which WOSS trainer to purchase, and when I called customer service, I received excellent assistance to help me choose which system would be best for me. Highly recommend.

  6. Great product for the money

    Posted by Howard Hsu on 12th Jul 2014

    The Military Trainer is only lacking in that there is no stitching or clamp near the anchor (allowing you to see-saw the straps). The TRX Suspension Trainer has stitching near the top which allows the user minimal see-sawing. Aside from that, this product is A+. Truthfully, as your core strengthens, there is less chance of see-sawing the straps, anyway. Get this instead of $$ TRX straps.

  7. Get Exactly What You Pay For

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2014

    I purchased the Military brown WOSS trainer for the excellent price of $24.99 and free shipping. It came promptly and fully meets my expectations. Not overbuilt but very adequate and lets you get creative using bodyweight for exercising. Highly recommend.

  8. Excellent

    Posted by Sean on 1st Jun 2014

    I have used the straps a few times in the past week. The grips are comfortable. The hardware all works flawlessly. The cam buckles don't slip a bit, yet they're easy to slide when released.

    The only negative I can conceive is the attachment for the handles to the clips. Keeping the handles level and straight is a challenge. I'll check to see if I've done it wrong.

    I'm taking this with me on an upcoming business trip.

  9. As Good As Other Suspension Trainers For Much Much Less

    Posted by Kenny Powers on 30th May 2014

    If you want a cost effective suspension trainer then look no further.

    Very well made, easy to use and very good. You really can't beat the price - you probably couldn't make one yourself for this cheaply once you factor parts and labor.

    Save your money on the expensive "name brands" and get one of these.

    Wolfgang provides great customer service.

  10. Does the job!

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Mar 2014

    My fitness trainer gave my some TRX exercises, but when I went to my gym I learned that they don't allow the general public to use their equipment (only classes - to keep it from being stolen). I was pleased to use Woss' strap system to do the exact exercises that I'm supposed to…. I just attach it to some un-busy spot in the gym and I'm all set. I love the carabiner system that makes setup and take-down pretty easy. The unused part of the strap sometimes is a bit loose, but has no effect on the way it works. Get it. You'll be pleased.

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